Moby Opens Up About Dating Pre-Fame Lana Del Rey in New Memoir

Moby is opening up about dating Lana Del Rey!

The 53-year-old musician detailed his experience with Lana, then known as Lizzy Grant, in his new memoir, Then It Fell Apart.

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According to Moby, he had his first date with the aspiring musician named “Lizzie Grant” in 2006. They went to a vegan macrobiotic restaurant and then to his newly renovated five-floor penthouse in the El Dorado building on Central Park West in New York City.

“We’d kissed at the bar at 4 a.m., just as the place was closing, and I’d asked her to come home with me. She’d smiled and said no, she wouldn’t go home with me after just meeting me, but she would happily go on a date if I called her and asked her out. I called her the next day, and we talked for thirty minutes about music and politics and growing up in the suburbs. She was beautiful, smart, and charming; making plans to meet up with her was both what I wanted to do and what my new therapist had told me to do,” he wrote.

Later on, the two would go back to his apartment.

“I sat next to her on the piano bench and started kissing her. She kissed me back — but then stopped. ‘What’s wrong?’ I asked. ‘I like you. But I hear you do this with a lot of people.’ I wanted to lie, to tell her that I didn’t, that I was chaste, sane, and ethical. But I said nothing…I walked her downstairs to the twenty-ninth floor and kissed her good night at the bank of the elevators. This wasn’t how I imagined the night ending. I’d assumed that we would end up christening my new apartment with vodka and sex. But to my surprise, this was almost nicer.”

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