Newly Single Hannah Brown Asks [SPOILER] Out on a Date During ‘The Bachelorette’ Finale

The season finale of The Bachelorette just took a MAJOR turn that probably no one saw coming.

At the beginning of the finale, Hannah Brown picked one of the final two guys and handed out one last rose. She got engaged to that guy, but later broke up with him after she learned that he wasn’t being truthful with her.

During the reunion special, Hannah reunited with that guy and officially said they will not be getting back together.

But, then something pretty cool happened. The runner-up came out for his interview and Hannah revealed she still has feelings for him. Then, she asked him out on a date!

Click inside to find out who Hannah Brown is going to start dating again…

It looks like Hannah and runner-up Tyler Cameron are going to revisit their relationship!

“I want somebody to be bold. And I’m bold. I make bold moves. You’re an incredible guy, and I’m a single girl, so I don’t know. I thought maybe we can go for a drink and hang out,” Hannah said to him.

“I would love to. Just tell me when and I’m there,” Tyler replied!

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