Nick Jonas Was Groped By a Fan During a Jonas Brothers Concert

The Jonas Brothers just wrapped up the first leg of their Happiness Begins Tour, but things got really uncomfortable and inappropriate toward the end of it. Unfortunately, one of their fans at their Los Angeles concert groped Nick Jonas while he was standing in front of her and trying to perform.

In a video captured by another fan, you can see Nick standing really close to the edge of a small walkway that wrapped around the crowd. While he was there next to Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas, a girl behind him repeatedly rubbed his leg and tried to grab his butt. Multiple people, including a security guard, tried to get her to stop and push her hand away, but she kept touching Nick. At one point, Nick had to turn around, and it seems like he may have said something to her or gave her a disapproving look.

WTF😠🤬 this is very disrespectful!!

The video ends shortly after Nick turned around to see who was touching him, so it’s not clear if the girl was later removed.

Obviously, this is not okay and it’s completely disrespectful to touch someone without their consent, even if you’re a huge fan. After a fan account posted the video on Twitter, many came to Nick’s defense and said, “This is honestly so hard to watch. Can they not get it through their heads that Nick is clearly uncomfortable as he turns back to look at them and tried to swat their hand away?” Another wrote, “Ugh, this is not how you should treat them. They’re people just like us who don’t need to feel violated.”

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