Nick Nolte looks almost unrecognizable after shaving his beard

Cape Shear! Nick Nolte, 80, is barely-recognisable as he shaves off his trademark beard and sports a neat crop to play homeless man in new movie Rittenhouse

Nick Nolte looked all cleaned up while filming his new movie Rittenhouse in the section of Philadelphia bearing the same name. 

The actor, 80, stood during the scene with a completely clean-shaven face a few days after shooting a scene with a large, bushy beard.

The Cape Fear star wore a gray jacket, a plaid button-down shirt and grey tee for shooting the movie, where he plays a homeless man. 

Looking clean: Nick Nolte looked all cleaned up while filming his new movie Rittenhouse in the section of Philadelphia bearing the same name

He donned a pair of blue jeans and black sneakers, and he held a white paper bag in his left hand and a black cane in his right. 

Nolte stood next to young actor Dharon E. Jones who donned a puffy black vest over a a red sweater. 

Jones wore a pair of blue jeans, black shoes and a green hat worn backwards. He held a white, plastic container in her hand.  

A grungy outfit: Nolte wore an old looking gray jacket, plaid shirt and old blue jeans

Working with his co-star: Nolte filmed a scene with his actor Dharon E. Jones

The new movie is about a a young man who becomes friends with a homeless man played by Nolte, according to the local CBS affiliate. 

The star has a couple other projects on the way as well. Nolte also has a role in Blackout, an upcoming film that will also feature Josh Duhamel. 

Blackout will center around a hospitalized man who wakes up to find that the cartel is chasing after him.  

Keeping busy: Nolte has another role in the film Blackout coming soon as well

Happily married: The Gangster Squad actor married his longtime girlfriend Clytie Lane in 2016 (pictured 2008) 

As for his personal life, Nolte has experienced quite a bit of change in recent years. 

The Gangster Squad actor married his longtime girlfriend Clytie Lane in 2016. The two have a child together, Sophie, who was born in 2007. 

Lane is Nolte’s fourth wife. He was previously married to Shelia Lane from 1966 to 1970, to Sharyn Haddad from 1978 to 1983 and to Rebecca Linger from 1984 to 1994. He and Linger had a son, Brawley, in 1986. 

With his family: Nolte has two kids, 14-year-old Sophie and 35-year-old Brawley 

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