Nicki Minaj Shares Rare Video Of Her 8-Month-Old Son Learning To Walk!

Here’s a little dose of cuteness courtesy Nicki Minaj!

The rapper took some time off from music and “did the mother thing,” as she put it on her most recent release, but she’s kept her 8-month-old, whom she shares with controversial husband Kenneth Petty, pretty private. In fact, she hasn’t even confirmed the baby boy’s name, referring to him by the adorable nickname “Papa Bear.”

Over the weekend, the 38-year-old gave a rare glimpse of her sweet son with a video posted to Instagram. The clip, simply captioned with a teddy bear emoji, shows the baby (dressed in all Burberry) being held upright as if about to take some wobbly toddler steps.

The Anaconda artist narrated the video:

“You ain’t trying to do all of that today? Hm? You ain’t trying to do all of that today. Everyone bothering you? You had it?”

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Nicki is well known for altering her vocals, so it’s no surprise that her “baby voice” response sounded straight out of Rugrats. She jokingly imitated her son, saying:

“Mama I had it, leave me alone already, please! Ain’t nobody got time for all of that, mama.”

Ch-ch-check out the ADORABLE vid, below:

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SO cute. This is just the pick me up we need getting back to work after a long weekend! Thanks momma Nicki!

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