Open Post: Hosted By The Period Cocktail

A bar in Lakewood, Ohio called Yuzu is turning that quiet state upside-down with a new drink inspired by a need to raise awareness of women’s causes. It’s a great cause… and an interesting way of going about it. The bar is now selling a cocktail called the Even Can’t Literally to raise money for a women’s shelter and it gets served to you with an empty tampon applicator inside.

The Takeout reports that Yuzu is now selling the Even Can’t Literally, which is just a margarita with red berries in it to look like a heavy flow day. Yummers. They also top the beverage with an empty plastic tampon applicator to really drive the point home. They say that $1 from every drink will be donated to a Cleveland-area women’s shelter. FOX8 Cleveland also spoke with the mastermind of this beverage, Sarah Krueger, who is a bartender at Yuzu.

She told them that she wants to raise awareness about women’s health, which I’m assuming she means the cost of women’s sanitary products? Which is a huge issue for women in poverty and affects things like girls getting educated in impoverished locations. You got all that information from the tampon in the drink, right? No? I had to tell you? Huh…

Well the Even Can’t Literally is still available for you to purchase and they let you know about it on social media:

There’s, of course, some who are offended:

“Round of applause Yuzu! I didnt think it was possible, but you guys took a charitable cause for women and still managed to degrade female bodily functions and mock female vernacular with the drink name.”

“I’m still wrapping my head around this one. Can I donate the tampon rather than use it as a garnish? Is that an option?”

“Wouldn’t it be cool if you donated, like, maybe… tampons and other menstrual products to a shelter instead of using them as a drink garnish?”

“Anyone else notice that the name of the drink is misogynistic too? Making fun of the way women talk?”

But there were also some people who defended the “joke”:

“Not only am I not offended, I actually find this funny, and I think it’s great you guys are raising money and donating tampons. All the women complaining about the plastic applicator are the same ones that complain about not getting a straw at the bar… if you’re offended by this then you’re way too easily offended you should probably stay off the internet and definitely don’t go to bars you won’t believe what they talk about in those places.”

Yuzu must be used to criticism as back in February the owner had to apologize after having a brunch promotion which joked about fentanyl as the country faces an opioid crisis.

Time will tell if this publicity stunt actually helps any women, but spoiler alert: it probably won’t. Until then, the people of Ohio can enjoy pretending to earn their Red Wings.

Pic: ABC7 Chicago

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