Oprah Winfrey shows off $1899 truffle as fans brand her out of touch

Oprah overwhelmed by the size of a truffle

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Oprah Winfrey, 68, took to Instagram to share the whopping 2lb truffle costing $1899.99 that she had been gifted by the luxury brand Sabatino Tartufi. The presenter has received heavy criticism for the post and has been branded “out of touch” by many social media users who are struggling at this time of year.

It just blew me away!

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah took to Instagram in view of her 21.7 million followers to share a short video of herself with her personal chef discussing the huge truffle.

She said: “I have to tell you, somebody sent me this gift today and it just blew me away.

“It’s the largest truffle found this year in Umbria.”

She then unveiled a bit of her personal history with the Sabatino family, which has been running their company for over a century.

Oprah said: “I’d gone truffle hunting with them, you know, almost a decade ago and so they know I love truffles and I always get my truffles from them.

“And they sent me this truffle as a gift! And we just weighed it and the truffle is…”

The chef then revealed the truffle was 2lb, with the 8oz truffle selling for $1899.99 online.

She captioned the post: “Thank you to @sabatinotruffles for one of the best gifts this year! My body will be made up of truffles this holiday season.”

While some social media users shared their truffle envy, many took to the comments to share their dismay at the presenter for sharing something so “out of touch” with her fans.

Clevelandrocksandbeads said: “Hmmm! Love you, Oprah. But the truffles seem a bit out of touch with our average experience.

“Most of my customers are trying to make a gift for Christmas that costs less than $10 because that’s all they can afford.” (sic)

Nancysmith0207 added: “Hollywood elites! Good for you and your large truffles. If that’s all you have to worry about and brag about.”

Megcavanagh commented: “That costs over a THOUSAND dollars. Sorry normal people of the world, you ain’t getting any.” (sic)

However, the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Pharrell commented, sharing their love for truffles, asking to come to dinner at the Hollywood star’s house soon.

Social media user Cindy.Myers.904108 stuck up for the presenter as she commented: “Geez people leave her alone…it’s not like she had this stuff handed to her! (sic)

“She has worked really hard to achieve her life…I literally don’t have a lot, but can still be happy for people…”

Howard Stern spoke out on the media mogul “showing off” her wealth on Instagram last month.

The radio DJ said on his show, The Howard Stern Show: “It’s f****** mind-blowing when you follow her on Instagram.

“You gotta be a little self-aware and know that there are people struggling out there.”

He also claimed that the presenter is “not embarrassed by her wealth at all” as she takes to Instagram to show off her “estates, her gardens and the people who service her”.

However, Howard did praise Oprah for her charitable work with The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, her South African school, and the fact that she invited students to her house each Thanksgiving.

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