People Think Kim Kardashian Named Her Fourth Baby ‘Teddy’ Or ‘Bear’ — Here&#8217

Conspiracy theorists, unite! We’ve got a good one here about potential baby names for Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West‘s fourth child — and there’ll be no end to the speculation until she finally makes the announcement!

Social media is aflame with theories about what Kimye may have named their newborn baby boy, born last week via surrogate, but most of the speculation centers on two names as the main guesses: Teddy and Bear!

No, seriously! Here’s why…

So, most of the speculation started this weekend, after Kimmie shared a couple pics on her Twitter account that included messages which ended with the teddy bear emoji, as you can see (below):

Notice the bear emoji here, too (below):

Hmmm… Immediately, that got fans wondering whether the momma of four was planning on using a name like “Teddy” or “Bear” for the fourth child, especially because — as some fans pointed out — she’s never before used those teddy bear emojis for her kids, and there weren’t any teddy bears present in any of the photo themselves, so…. could it be a sign?!

Some fans thought so (below):

Makes you think!!

Some fans even noticed the name could be linked to the Chicago Bears — the NFL football team from Yeezy’s beloved Windy City hometown (below):

All these fans sound so certain!! Ha!!

Others were a little more skeptical, though (below):

Maybe the skepticism should be warranted, too, because we’ve been here before with conspiracy theories about possible baby names in this family.

Remember back in January 2018 when Chicago West was born?! Before we knew her name, fans were rabid in theorizing it would be related in some way to Louis Vuitton after the aspiring lawyer shared this timely photo to her Instagram account back then (below):

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Speculation about a Louis Vuitton-related name was SO intense back at the time, that Kim actually addressed it on an episode of KUWTK that season, saying at one point to the camera (below):

“People are making all these predictions. I posted this thing of Louis Vuitton because I was cleaning out my closet. And everyone was like, ‘Oh my god, her name is gonna be ‘Louis,’ it’s gonna be ‘Vuitton,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, I just saw that the designer from Louis Vuitton resigned and his last show was yesterday. It’s so ridiculous.”

And that baby turned out to be named Chicago, so… what are we saying here?

Well, just that the “Teddy” and “Bear” conspiracies are good guesses, maybe, but they’re only that — guesses! All the speculation will be over when Kim and ‘Ye come out and share the baby’s real name! And we can’t wait for it!!

What about U, Perezcious readers?! What do U think Kim and Kanye will name their newborn son?? Sound OFF in the comments (below)…

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