Pharrell Surprises NAACP Student Leaders, Pays Their Student Debt

Pharrell just gave some huge relief to a handful of NAACP student leaders — wiping out all their student debt for good.

The artist surprised the group at an NAACP panel on the Black student debt crisis in D.C. Friday … the good news got the 3 students and 2 recent graduates smiling from ear to ear.

One student, emotional with tears of joy in her eyes shouted, “I’m going to law school!”

Wisdom Cole, NAACP’s National Director of Youth and College, told ABC News this is giving the crew an opportunity of a lifetime, and thanked Pharrell for forever changing the students’ lives.

He also is hoping this will serve as an example to the President to do the same for struggling students across the country … the NAACP’s meeting was held right across from the White House, where President Biden has been trying to cancel a minimum of 50K in student debt.

They say it’s time to “reduce the racial wealth gap, it is time for President Biden to fulfill his promise.” Here’s hoping Pharrell’s donation will spark some change.

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