Phillip Schofield not making return after This Morning exit despite pals help

Phillip Schofield says he has ‘lost everything'

Phillip Schofield won’t be making a return to TV screens despite reports his pal Vanessa Feltz has helped in assisting with a potential comeback.

It comes after the former This Morning presenter was pictured in deep conversation with former co-star Vanessa earlier this month and was his first public appearance in several weeks.

Following their meeting, rumours have swirled that Phil is looking at making a TV comeback, but sources have since claimed “it’s not going to happen”.

“There were rumours flying around about him making a comeback, but that just isn’t going to happen. TV channels are keeping their distance,” the source told OK! magazine.

They revealed: “Vanessa was putting the feelers out to TalkTV producers about Phil having a segment there, but they gave her a hard ‘no’. He’s almost been blacklisted from TV.”

Speaking to OK! about a possible move to TalkTV, Phillip’s lawyer said he hadn’t “heard anything to that effect from him.”

Phillip Schofield’s representative declined to comment when contacted by

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