Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Reportedly Thinking of Moving to Africa to Escape British Media

Welp, it seems like Prince Harry and Markle are absolutely itching to distance themselves from England, and it really isn’t hard to understand why: After a series of royal feuds between Prince William and Kate Middleton, unfair and critical treatment from the British press, and pretty much zero support from their royal aides following their lawsuit letter, Meghan and Harry have a ton of reasons to leave. Earlier this month, the couple was rumored to be moving out to Canada, but now, they’re allegedly thinking of elsewhere.

According to an Us Weekly source, Meghan and Harry are reportedly in talks of moving to a whole new continent—Africa, to be exact. The Us source explains that Meghan and Harry would have much more privacy if they moved out to Africa, and that it would be beneficial for their son, Archie Harrison, to be surrounded by a more natural habitat.

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