Prince William & Kate took George & Charlotte to the Rings of Power set

We haven’t seen Prince William and Kate do any events this week because their kids have a school holiday. The general rule is that if the kids have a week off, Kate takes a month off. It’s a wonder that Kate even agreed to go to the BAFTAs with William on Sunday, that’s how thoroughly she refuses to work when her kids are on a break. Anyway, last Friday, William and Kate took their two older children to the set of The Rings of Power, the Amazon spinoff series based on the Lord of the Rings characters/mythology. I don’t know anyone who’s watching the Rings of Power, but we’re supposed to believe that William and Kate are superfans of the series, so much so that they organized a private set visit. This happened on the same day William visited Ipswich first responders and he made fun of a woman’s homemade cupcakes.

Kate Middleton and Prince William had a special night out with Prince George and Princess Charlotte! According to The Sun, the Prince and Princess of Wales took their two eldest children to tour the set of The Rings of Power last Friday and see the show being filmed. The royals peeked into the production of The Lord of the Rings spinoff airing on Amazon Prime Video and met some of the cast members. The outing came on the first day of half-term break for George, 9, and Charlotte, 7, who attend the Lambrook School.

Though younger brother Prince Louis, 4, also has time off as a Lambrook student, The Sun reported that he didn’t tag along for the Rings of Power tour. The U.K. paper described William, 40, as a “Lord of the Rings superfan” and said the royals enjoyed a “low key” visit to the set. The show was filming in a forest in Buttersteep Rise, Ascot, about a 20-minute drive from the family’s home in Windsor.

“William is a huge fan of the films so jumped at the chance. They were introduced to the major cast members and were shown around the set,” a source told The Sun. “It was all hugely exciting for George and Charlotte who loved looking at the props and how everything was laid out. It was a huge honour for the cast too,” they added.

As they typically do when Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have off from school, Prince William and Princess Kate, 41, scaled back their schedules this week in order to spend more time with their kids.

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I would ask why Louis wasn’t included, but we know why – Louis has already been branded the problem child, and God knows, Louis probably would have torn sh-t up on that set while his parents did nothing. What I find especially bizarre is not Lou’s absence, but rather how this was a flat-out private visit. You would think that Kensington Palace would release some photos and turn it into an actual event (after the fact) on the Court Circular. Like, I could very easily explain why it’s important for BAFTA President Peg to visit local film and television productions in the UK. Instead, there’s a bizarre emphasis on how this was a private family event. Weird.

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