Ric Flair Says He Did Not Give Oral Sex To Woman On Train

Ric Flair says he is NOT a train ridin’, oral sex givin’ son of a gun … telling TMZ Sports the viral photo making rounds has to be some other guy — ’cause it ain’t him!!

Here’s how we got here: A pic has been trending on Twitter on Wednesday … which appears to show a man with light, slicked back hair … *clears throat* pleasuring a woman.

People were quick to say the guy in the photo was 72-year-old Flair … with the jokes coming in left and right.

Welp, we made some phone calls … and Ric himself tells us the guy in the pic is NOT him … and for what it’s worth, he hasn’t been on a train in a while.

We wanted to show the photo … but Harvey wouldn’t let us. So, go search on Twitter.

The Nature Boy has made headlines recently for REAL things that actually happened — the wrestling legend has parted ways with WWE after a lengthy relationship.

Flair has kept busy in his time since … but not in *that* way.

Now give us the Pulitzer. Wooooooooo!!

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