Richard Hammond called the worst by Will Young after homophobic jokes cause him upset

Richard Hammond discusses future filming of The Grand Tour

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Will Young said he was left “shocked and upset” after 51-year-old Richard Hammond and James May, 58, made what he regards as offensive jokes on an episode of the show. The comments he’s referring to were made when Jeremy Clarkson, 61, drove a pink Jeep Wrangler in the Colombia special back in 2019.

The Pop Idol star didn’t hold back as he branded Richard “the worst” of the trio in a new interview.

He said: “Jeremy Clarkson is the least worst.

“The other two, in my opinion, are worse. The worst one is Richard Hammond.

“He’s the worst because he says things like, ‘I’ve got lots of gay friends’.

He went on to accuse the producers of making the main narrative based on Jeremy driving a “hairdressers car”.

“Basically, Jeremy Clarkson is gay,” he explained.

In the scene, Jeremy was wearing a pink shirt while driving a Suzuki Vitara as It’s Raining Men was played.

He went on to tell The Times: “It was Richard Hammond and it was the producers.

“They created the whole thing and it was Amazon that let it go out. I was so shocked and so upset.” has contacted a representative for Richard for comment.

Will hit out at the trio in a tweet at the time, where he branded them f****ng pathetic and actually homophobic”.

He went on to call them “repulsive” and “obtuse, bigoted immature babies”.

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In 2019, ex Top Gear star Richard spoke out after being called “homophobic”.

He told The Metro: “The criticism is just b***dy annoying. We are not remotely homophobic!

“If someone takes something as homophobic… I don’t want to cause offence.

“To say, ‘Oh we need to be really careful not to be homophobic’ would say that we are, so we’re not going to try and set out to avoid that sort of thing because we’re not.”

The car enthusiast went on to say the trio had also been accused of sexism in the past.

He added people were “looking” to be offended by certain things.

Jeremy also previously addressed the comments made in the episode.

In his column with The Sun, he said: “I will apologise to Will for causing him some upset – and reassure him that I know I’m not homophobic as I very much enjoy watching lesbians on the internet.”

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