Saira Khan ‘blocks’ Nadia Sawalha and Loose Women co-stars after ‘tolerating colleagues’

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Saira Khan, 50, made her sudden departure from ITV’s Loose Women last month. The former Apprentice star recently revealed she only “tolerated” some of her fellow panellists, and no longer follows Nadia Sawalha, Jane Moore, and Kaye Adams on her Instagram account.

The former ITV panellist reportedly still follows her former co-stars Stacey Solomon, Ruth Langsford, Linda Robson, Coleen Nolan, Denise Welch, Brenda Edwards, Kelle Bryan and Judi Love on the picture-sharing site.

Saira has explained that she wasn’t as close to some of her Loose Women co-stars as she was to others.

Her decision to quit the show came just weeks after host Andrea McLean also stepped down from her role on the talk show.

While Saira has unfollowed her three former co-stars, the TV personality has also “blocked” the trio, according to reports.

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It comes after Saira shed some light on her decision to leave Loose Women where she hinted at behind-the-scenes tension.

The reality star revealed she wasn’t planning on staying in touch with all of her co-hosts following her departure.

Saira explained: “You make friends with some people, you tolerate some people, and some people you just have to do the job with.

“I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty there now.

“There are some friends.. people I will be close to because we get each other.

“And there are some I really don’t miss at all who I was just like, ‘I just have to tolerate you to do the job’.”

The former Loose Women host addressed her on-screen clashes with her fellow panellists led to her being less friendly.


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Saira went on: “You have to be professional about it. You can’t pretend that everyone is going to be your best friend.

“Especially on a show with different opinions, you’re not going to tolerate everybody’s opinion.

“That’s fine. That’s not a problem, just do it with respect and you have to be open-minded.”

During her chat with Celebrity Skin Talk host Scott McGlynn, Saira added: “Sometimes I’d go in with an opinion and someone would say something different to me and I’d think ‘Do you know what I never saw it from that point of view!’”

Meanwhile, Saira took to Instagram stories and shared another reason behind her decision to quit.

The former ITV star spoke about her skincare range before making addressing Loose Women.

She penned: “Having an opinion as a celebrity on matters of national importance is something I have felt uncomfortable about. My opinion is irrelevant – the opinions of experts are not.

“It’s one of the reasons why I left my position on daytime TV.”

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