Saoirse Ronan Forced Meryl Streep To Hug Her After Filming ‘Little Women’

Saoirse Ronan sits down for a chat with Seth Meyers during her appearance on Late Night in New York City on Tuesday (December 11).

The 25-year-old actress opened up about working alongside Meryl Streep for Little Women, which opens on Christmas Day.

“I mean. She’s Meryl,” Saoirse shared. “I kept it together. She was very good at just coming on to set and not really having any airs and graces.”

She added that after she shot her only scene with Meryl, Saoirse was very sad it was over just like that.

“We were doing this scene and it was going well and we were having fun and at the end when they said they were moving to another scene, and it was my only scene with her, and I was like ‘it’s over, my moment with Meryl is over’,” she shared.

“I got really emotional and I was just thanking her for letting me act and stuff. I just sort of held her and not let her go. I basically forced her into a hug and just said thank you.”

FYI: Saoirse wore a Haney dress, Jimmy Choo shoes and jewelry from Yoko London and Robinson Pelham.

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