Sophie Turner Weighs in on Sansa Stark’s Fate in ‘Game of Thrones’

Sophie Turner is just fine with how Game of Thrones ended, thank you very much.

The 23-year-old actress weighed in on the hit HBO series’ controversial ending during a new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

While some fans were disappointed that Sophie’s character, Sansa Stark, didn’t end up sitting on the Iron Throne, she says she’s happy with how Sansa’s story ended.

“I wasn’t bummed at all,” Sophie said. “Because ever since the end of season 1, Sansa has not been about the capital or being queen. She doesn’t believe she could rule and doesn’t want to. She knows her place is in the North and she can rule the people of the North and rule Winterfell. She’d probably be capable [of being queen of the Seven Kingdoms] with the help of her family and advisors like Tyrion. But she has no desire to be ruler of all of the Seven Kingdoms.”

Sophie will appear next in Dark Phoenix, which opens in theaters June 7th.

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