St. Vincent Calls Working With Paul McCartney ‘The Best Moment Of My Life’

St. Vincent said in a new interview that working with Paul McCartney was the best moment of her life.

She made the remark while talking with NME about some of her recent collaborations.

The singer-songwriter, whose original name is Annie Clark, recently remixed McCartney’s 2020 song “Women And Wives” for the Beatle legend’s upcoming covers album. McCartney III Imagined is scheduled to be released on April 16.

“After it was all done and everything, Paul called me to thank me and tell me that he liked it. It was the best moment of my life… maybe?
I mean, I don’t… I don’t know where to put that,” St. Vincent recalled.

She added, “One thing that occurred to me was, think about how many hours of enjoyment in the world have happened as a result of Paul McCartney’s music. Lifetimes and lifetimes of hours that people have spent listening to his work.”

St. Vincent’s latest studio album, Daddy’s Home, is due for release on May 14.

(Photo: David Lee)

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