Stephen Amell Reveals How He Feels About Arrowverse Ending With The Flash & What Hell Remember Most

Stephen Amell is opening up about the end of an era – the Arrowverse!

It has been 11 years since the DC Comics universe kicked off with the actor starring as Arrow on The CW in 2012.

Now, six shows, many crossovers and hundreds of episodes later, The CW’s Arrowverse is coming to an end with The Flash as it airs it’s series finale TONIGHT (May 24).

In a new interview, Stephen opened up about it all coming to an end and what he’ll remember most about it all.

Check out what he said inside…

While speaking with EW, Stephen shared about how he feels about it all ending with The Flash.

“Great. I’m glad that we could be a small part of it. Maybe they should have changed the name, since I was done,” he said.

On what he’ll remember about the Arrowverse the most?

“I remember it for my first appearance on The Flash. I remember it for the first time Oliver and Barry get to interact with Superman for the first time and Supergirl. I mean, come on. That’s me feeling like a kid, dream come true,” Stephen shared. “And then Grant [Gustin] and Melissa [Benoist] and I going to Chicago to shoot the scenes for the introduction of Ruby Rose as Batwoman was a pretty unique scenario. They flew us out there after a day of shooting, on a private jet to Chicago, and we shot there for a couple of days. That was pretty cool.”

Stephen of course returned for the final season of The Flash, in the ninth episode.

Tune in to the series finale of The Flash TONIGHT (May 24) at 8pm ET/PT on The CW.

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