'Storage Wars' Bargain Hunters Thrift Store Burglarized

One of the shops featured on “Storage Wars” was broken into over Memorial Day weekend — costing its reality TV star owners a few thousand dollars and a crappy day of cleanup.

Rene Nezhoda — who runs the Bargain Hunters Thrift Store with his wife, Casey — tells TMZ … a thief, or group of thieves, smashed through the front glass doors of his San Diego-area business early Saturday morning around 4 AM … and made off with some of their goods.

We’re told the culprits jacked around $2,000 worth of rare coins Rene and Casey had in their possession, and ended up doing about another $2,000 of damage to the store in total.

All in all … the Nezhodas are looking at a minimum set back of $4,000.

Rene and Casey posted a video of the aftermath later in the day, and it’s clear they were pissed about the break-in. Rene goes so far as to call the culprit “the lowest scumbag out there.” Check out his tour of how the burglars got in and out … it’s a pretty entertaining breakdown, even if it’s a crappy financial situation for them. 

Rene says they filed a police report and it’s under investigation. It sounds like the security system the couple has set up inside saved them from losing out on more stuff … ’cause we’re told an alarm was triggered during the crime and alerted authorities. 

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