Strictlys Shirley Ballas shows off non surgical facelift after feeling down on herself

Strictly Come Dancing head judge Shirley Ballas has proudly shown off the results of an intensive year of high-tech beauty treatments that have visibly transformed her visage.

The 63 year old dance expert has been seeing one of the UK's top cosmetic doctors, Dr Judy Todd for a series of the latest non-invasive procedures.

These procedures have focused on her face and neck, which she confessed to "feeling down" about last year.

Shirley said: "Contrary to what people think, I'm not the most confident person in the world. Just over a year ago, I was actually getting quite down on myself because of the appearance of my face, I'm being really serious.

"My chin and jawline were sagging, my skin was dull, I had a lot of pigmentation with sun-spots and I had little spider veins on my nose. My face just didn't sparkle and it really dented my confidence."

Shirley had a non-surgical facelift with Dr Todd earlier this year, but after being so impressed with the results, she decided to continue with her treatments – and it seems that she is thrilled with the results.

Speaking about her decision to continue, Shirley said: "I wanted to keep up the treatments because I just don't want my skin to fade, I want it to be glowing and bright and so I've kept having treatments about every six weeks and I'm absolutely delighted with the results.

Shirley also shared that she isn't the only one who has noticed the difference, as she revealed that the compliments have been rolling in from other people.

She explained: "Recently I have had so many comments from friends, colleagues and family saying my skin is looking amazing, and that has been a massive boost. I've just turned 63, and I'm really, really happy at how my skin is looking."

Shirley was actually inspired to go for the treatments by former Strictly Come Dancing contestant Judy Murray, 64, who is the mother of tennis champ Andy Murray.

The procedure that Shirley has undergone is NeoGen nitrogen plasma treatments, a non-invasive procedure which uses super-heated nitrogen gas to boost collagen and elastin to rejuvenate the skin from within.

She was also given some topical skincare to use every day, and natural G Herbal supplements to help speed skin repair and boost nutrient levels.

To celebrate her new look, Shirley posed for a photoshoot at Dulwich College, where she can be seen looking fabulous in a range of chic outfits.

The treatment is not cheap as it will set you back £750 a session, but Shirley says it's left her feeling "like a diamond".

Dr Judy Todd runs clinics in London and Glasgow. For full details go to

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