Taylor Swift Moved Evermore’s Release Date Twice, In Secret, For Paul McCartney

Taylor Swift looked out for Paul McCartney!

The legendary Beatles entertainer has been promoting his upcoming album McCartney III, which is set to be released tonight. Taylor found out she and Paul would have competing albums, so she actually moved her album Evermore‘s release date twice to accommodate.

“I did the Rolling Stone cover with Taylor Swift and she just emailed me recently. And she said, ‘I wasn’t telling anyone, but I’ve got another album.’ And she said, ‘So I was going to put it out on my birthday,’ which I think was the 10th,” Paul explained to Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show.

“And then she said, ‘But I found out you were going to put it out on the 10th. So I moved it to the 18th’ and then she found out we were coming out on the 18th so she moved back to the 10th,” he said. “So I mean, you know, people do keep out of each other’s way. It’s a nice thing to do.”

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