The bestselling face powder, day planners and an effective deep conditioner

So many of you said the Tendskin razor burn prevention and treatment works! I’m not shaving my legs or waxing anything until it comes later today. I’m really excited to get it, because this is a problem I’ve been dealing with all my life. I didn’t realize there was such an easy solution. I’ll let you know how it works! I’ve mentioned this before, but I often order batteries on Amazon. You can get 48 AA Energizer batteries for $21. Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at!

A gentle and effective cleanser that people love

From CB: We featured the Vanicream moisturizer a while ago, but I didn’t know that they made a bestselling cleanser too. This has 3,800 ratings, 4.7 stars and a perfect Reviewmeta score. This is a milky, soap free, fragrance free gentle cleanser that so many people swear by. Reviewers say that it has cleared their acne and say that it’s suitable for eczema, sensitive skin and combination skin. They write that it “has absolutely saved my skin,” it’s “the only face wash that my SUPER sensitive face likes,” it “cleans your face and even removes make up without burning your eyes” and “leaves my face soft and clean feeling without being tight.”

The number one bestselling face powder on Amazon

From CB: Right now I use a tinted face powder I got in Germany. It’s perfect for covering small blemishes especially, but it’s close to running out. I keep hearing great things about Coty Airspun and have been meaning to try it. This has almost 30,000 ratings and a 4.1 Reviewmeta score. Reviewers say it doesn’t separate, crease or light up on camera flash like other powders. It comes in 8 different varieties and shades, including translucent, all under $8 for for 2.3 ounces. Women write that “it really helps to keep the makeup flawless and not get cakey,” say that it lasts all day and that it’s great for creating a matte look on oily skin.

Supercute sweatpants with stripes

From CB: I saw these on People’s site and they look so comfortable and cute. I want the rainbow stripe ones! These striped sweatpants by SweatyRocks come in sizes x-small to x-large and in four different styles, all under $23. They have 662 ratings and a 4.2 stars on Reviewmeta. Reviewers say they run small so you’ll want to order a size up. They’re said to be “very comfortable, soft and thin,” several people mention that the material is thinner than it looks. They’re said to “fit great, feel great and look great,” “they’re sweats I feel cute in when out running errands.”

A stylish, easy to pack water bottle to cut down on waste

From Hecate: After watching Down to Earth with Zac Efron, I’ve been looking around my life for changes I can make. I have been really examining our single use product consumption. While we drink tap water at home, my kids do like flavored water and I buy that for them instead of sodas (also single use). Buzzfeed did an article on water bottles and I found this really cool “travel flask.” It not only looks cool, if I bought multiple, they would store so well in the fridge. I could buy those water flavor add-ins at the market and have several flavors for my kids without the waste. It comes in five different bank colors. 71 reviewers gave it 4.6 stars with the same ReviewMeta rating. A lot of commenters said they loved the design, both for appearance and ease of storing. “This bottle has a very sleek design and is easy for me to slide into my bag without the bulky roundness of traditional water bottles.” It’s also said to be comfortable. This is “easy to hold, has a comfortable drinking spout and its unique looking so I love it.” These particular bottles hold 13 ounces, so they are for shorter outings, but they are lighter to carry too.

A white noise machine that sounds natural

From Hecate: I have trouble sleeping so I am always trying to find new ways to get back to sleep when I wake in the middle of the night. Of the things I’ve tried, my white noise machine and my heavy blanket have been the most effective. The blanket is too hot for me in the summer so I rely on my noise machine. I got an inexpensive version a few years ago and I like it, but I have two major complaints.: 1) It’s right next to my head at night and the volume never goes low enough to actually relax me and 2) I can hear the looping, including any odd background ticks the tracks have. One of the ocean settings has a word ping in the background and it’s all I can hear when that one is on. This machine may be the answer to my prayers. It comes in two colors and has 2,500 ratings, 4.4 stars and ReviewMeta said that’s legit. One reviewer made up my mind for me by saying, “So far, my brain has not found the loop point in any of the audio samples!” while another said it’s just as effective for newborns, “We got this for our newborn when we were desperate for sleep. It is so effective. “ The machine that brought me to Amazon was this one but it is priced around $46. But if you have the extra money to spend, it has numerous sound setting options.

Hair treatment to restore your tresses quickly

From Hecate: This is another recommendation from Buzzfeed. For some reason, even though I haven’t changed my routine, my hair has been much drier than usual during lockdown. I have dry hair normally so I spend a fortune to keep it healthy. These are small after shampoo treatments that you can leave in or wash out to give your hair back some bounce.

A planner to help you get organized

From Hecate: I saw a few of my CB friends talking about planners and organizers on Twitter and I am all about the planners! I have three. I don’t need three, I just can’t help myself. And on top of those, I have a plain notebook with a running to-do list that I update and check off every day. We could have a whole morning of planner talk addressing each specific need but I found these two I really liked. The first is this Legend Planner that covers you on every front: daily, weekly monthly and overall goals. It has both pre printed pages for you to fill in and blank for you to journal, thought bubble or vision board. It also has stickers for quick reference. The Legend Planner is $30, comes in eight colors, has 4.7 stars on Amazon and ReviewMeta with 272 ratings. Reviewers said it’s so complete, you’ll want to stick with it, “This isn’t one that you will find boring and redundant after a few weeks”. If $30 is too much for your budget, this InnerGuide is under $15. It has many features the Legend has, comes in five colors and earned 4.9 stars from almost 100 ratings. Reviews say it will keep you on task, “Very helpful with keeping you on track and accountable to yourself.”

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