"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Will Continue For At Least Another 3 Years

Ellen DeGeneres is planning on keeping her role as America’s favorite fun aunt for at least another three years. Despite rumors that she was planning on dropping the facade that EVERYTHING IS FUN AND GREAT when her current contract expires in 2020, Deadline reports that she’s just signed a contract that will keep The Ellen DeGeneres Show playing silently in the background at laundromats and airports until the year 2022.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been on the air for 16 years. And it’s still hugely popular. It’s earned 63 Daytime Emmy Awards “including a category-record 11 for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show” and is a ratings juggernaut.

This February, The Ellen DeGeneres Show was the top-rated talk show again with W [women] 25-54 and A [adults] 25-54, marking the eighth consecutive major sweep topping the genre. The series has the largest rating point lift over lead-in of any talk show with W25-54 (+0.4 rating points) and A25-54 (+0.3).

In addition, Ellen Digital Network has a reach of over 268 million followers/visitors and 1 billion monthly views across all platforms. She told Deadline previously that she planned to explore documentary with her Warner Bros./ Ellen Digital Network (EDN) deal.

Ellen announced the news on her show. I have to say I’m surprised Ellen signed on for more of the same. I was half expecting her to announce she’s going to run for president herself (instead of just begging Joe Biden to do it) in 2020 with Twitch as her running mate.

Maybe her using Dany from GOT in the video is actual a warning of what’s to come. Ellen could snap live on-air sometime in the next few years, proving once and for all that frequent forced dancing leads to nothing but death and destruction.

Pic: The Ellen Show via Twitter

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