These Celebrity Reactions To The Close 2020 Election Results Point Out A Major Issue

After months of joining campaign trails, posting on social media, and proudly hitting the polls, celebrities aren’t happy to see the 2020 election results be such a tight race. Hollywood tends to lean democratic, and a number of stars put their support behind Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential race. Now that Donald Trump and Biden are neck and neck with votes still being counted, these celebrity reactions to the close 2020 election results make an interesting point.

Although some years the election winner has been called same day, Biden and Trump’s votes were still being tallied into the wee hours of Nov. 4. With political experts saying the race is too close to call at this stage, celebs took to Instagram and Twitter to express their concerns over the undeniably tight race.

Antoni Porowski of Queer Eye pointed out how critical every vote is in battleground states like Florida. "I hope anyone watching how close a call it is in Florida is realizing that every damn vote counts," he tweeted on Nov. 3.

You can see all of the celebrity reaction tweets below.

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