Theyre desperate to make the York princesses & Lady Louise into working royals

My take is that King Charles is actually happy-ish with the current arrangement of “working royals.” He knows that his heir and his heir’s wife are lazy dumbasses and they can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. He also knows that the rest of the working royals are as exciting as dry pieces of toast. But all of that is fine with him – he believes that royalty is zero-sum, that if someone else gets attention, it takes something away from him. He wants all of the attention, along with his wife. All of this has led to a fundamental schism between palace and press – four years after the Sussexit, the British media has buyer’s remorse and they’re dying for some excitement. All of which means there’s been a low-key campaign to convince Charles to make various royal women into “working royals.” Behold, this hilarious story:

The Royal Family have been holding emergency meetings over potentially calling up Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice as working royals. King Charles has slimmed down the Royal Family during his first 12 months as monarch. Queen Camilla, Prince William, Princess Kate, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh are the working members of the Royal Family that King Charles has been calling upon to carry out engagements.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Prince Andrew are former senior members of the Royal Family who no longer perform duties for the Firm.

There is now a shortage of royals to attend engagements and this has led to criticism of the monarchy. The Duke of York’s daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are currently not working members of the Royal Family, but according to a source, the possibility is being considered.

The source told Ok!: “Emergency meetings have been held to come up with a solution to fulfil the growing number of royal engagements both here in the UK and abroad. There needs to be some younger blood to reach the younger generation and the only candidates available are Beatrice and Eugenie.”

[From GB News]

Beatrice clearly wants to be a working royal, Eugenie not so much. Eugenie is already “half-out” and living primarily in Portugal. I would actually believe that Charles could be talked into allowing Beatrice to “work” in some capacity. But no, he’s not holding emergency meetings about it. Meanwhile, they’re also trying to say that poor Lady Louise must become a working royal too:

Lady Louise Windsor is set to “follow in Princess Beatrice and Eugenie’s footsteps” with a brand new role, a commentator has claimed. The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh’s eldest child is currently in her second year at the University of St Andrews studying English, the same place where Prince William and Princess Kate attended. Royal commentators claim the 19-year-old could take up royal duties once she has graduated.

Kate Mansey, who frequently discusses the Royal Family, believes that Lady Louise could one day be a working royal. She said: “I think Lady Louise would; from people I speak to in the Palace, Lady Louise I think is quite willing to do that. I remember going to some Guildhall event and she was with her father and very competently circulating talking to dignitaries and foreign royals. I think there might be a role, in the way that Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie play a role.”

The commentator also told The Royal Beat: “She is at university at the moment,” and added that there’s still “plenty of time” for Louise to come to terms with a larger royal role.

[From GB News]

Again, this is a reflection of a disagreement between palace and press – Charles doesn’t want anyone else, especially not any young princesses who might take attention away from any neighing winebag. But the British media is getting absolutely desperate. Pretty soon they might actually have to – gasp – report on what’s really happening in this tragic institution. As for Lady Louise, she seems like a nice, unsophisticated young woman. This particular story is a favorite briefing from Louise’s mother.

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