This Florida GOP Throuple Scandal Is INSANE!!!

Man, we’ve seen some politician sex scandals over the years, but this one is WILD!

Christian Ziegler is the chairman of the Florida Republican Party. As the GOP chair in a state run by Republicans, he’s a powerful guy in the MAGA movement. And his wife is even more influential with conservatives on a national level. See, Bridget Ziegler is the co-founder of Moms for Liberty. They’re the group that have been trying to ban books at school libraries across the country — you know, pretty much anything to do with African American history or positive depictions of gay folks. Really gross, fascist s**t.

So according to a wild new report from a local paper called the Florida Trident, these two family values leaders have, for the past three years, been part of… a throuple. Yep, a woman has come forward to the police saying she was in a consensual three-way sexual relationship with the Zieglers. That of course is in no way a crime — we’ll get to the criminal accusations in a moment.

As always with this kind of scandal, we must say, we aren’t about shaming consenting adults for their lifestyles. If a married couple decide they want to spice things up and invite a third into their lives, who are we to judge? But these are people who are FIRMLY and VOCALLY anti-LGBT. Hell, Bridget is credited with being instrumental in creating Governor Ron DeSantis‘ infamous “Don’t Say Gay” bill! And the last we checked, a throuple — even a MFF one — ain’t exactly that whole Bible-thumping idea of straightitude. It’s not Adam and Eve and Bianca, you what we mean? That makes the Zieglers a pretty foul sort of hypocrites, if true. They’re trying to make it harder and harder for LGBT kids, meanwhile they secretly get to do whatever they want in the bedroom? Get bent.

The thing is, we haven’t even gotten to the real scandal…

The reason this woman has come forward is because she’s accusing the ironically named Christian of rape! In a police report obtained by the Trident, the woman claims that while she and Christian were alone at her home on October 2 — with no Bridget — he committed sexual battery against her.

Details are scant in the heavily redacted report, which was filed way back on October 4, but it’s explicitly a “sexual assault complaint.” The woman also claims Christian filmed the three-way sexual encounters with her and his wife, and the sources told the outlet that a search warrant was executed on the politician’s phone.

No charges have been filed yet, and the Zieglers have not commented publicly. However, Christian’s attorney Derek Byrd confirmed the investigation in a statement. He assures his client has been “fully cooperative with the Sarasota Police Department” and will be “completely exonerated.” He goes on to imply the alleged victim is doing this for money or maybe even politics:

“Unfortunately, public figures are often accused of acts that they did not commit whether it be for political purposes or financial gain. I would caution anyone to rush to judgment until the investigation is concluded. Out of respect for the investigation, this is all Mr. Ziegler or myself can say at this time.”

We’ll have to see how this plays out, but now that the accusation is public, we’re guessing it’s going to be a lot harder to keep the Zieglers’ real “family values” out of the spotlight.

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