'Too Hot to Handle' Haley Says Harry Was Only with Francesca for Clout

Harry Jowsey only dated Francesca Farago for publicity and clout, and never genuinely loved her … according to one of their former “Too Hot To Handle” costars.

Haley Cureton, who got extremely close with Francesca before getting booted from the Netflix reality dating show, tells TMZ … she’s 100 percent convinced Harry only got with FF to extend his 15 minutes of fame beyond the show.

The way Haley sees it … Harry first fell for Francesca’s looks — because who wouldn’t — and then realized he could ride the model’s coattails.

Haley thinks Harry isn’t capable of loving anyone besides himself … and she thinks he never genuinely cared about Francesca or her feelings.

If you’ve seen the show, all the evidence of Harry’s true colors is there … according to Haley. She points to him lying about who initiated the first kiss with Francesca … a move that cost the whole cast prize money.

As we reported … Harry and Francesca stayed together after the show, but this week they finally broke up. Francesca said he broke up with her because he couldn’t do a long-distance relationship anymore.

Francesca won’t be lonely for too long, even with Harry outta the picture … Haley says they’re talking about moving in together to let the good times roll.

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