Ts Madison Says Beyonce's Dubai Show Was for Fans, Defends Her as LGBTQ Ally

Beyonce‘s weekend concert ruffled a few feathers in the LGBTQ+ community, but Ts Madison doesn’t see anything wrong with her getting a fat check in Dubai … because, first and foremost, she says Bey is loyal to her fans.

The actress and activist joined us Monday on “TMZ Live,” dismissing claims Queen Bey “sold out” by performing in the UAE — where there are firm anti-LGBTQ+ laws.

Madison believes most people, even those criticizing Beyonce, would jump at a $24 million payday in Dubai. In fact, she says many people in the LGBTQ+ community already do travel there … whether it be for work or vacay. So, the whole sellout label seems hypocritical to her.

And, Madison points out Beyonce’s been an ally for years … and doesn’t think she’d do something like this to hurt the very group to which she dedicated her latest album, “Renaissance.”

As we reported, Beyonce made it a truly grand opening for a new Atlantis resort … doing a 90-minute set with multiple costume changes, an orchestra and a bunch of her classic hits.

Folks banging on the concert, feel she ditched “her own progressive values” by performing in a “homophobic dictatorship” — but Madison says those fans should separate politics from the concert … just as Beyonce seems to have done.

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