Ulrika Jonsson, 54, opens up on having cosmetic surgery in attempt to look good for age

Ulrika Jonsson says end of her last marriage was ‘devastating’

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Ulrika Jonsson, 54, has admitted the cosmetic surgery she has had over the years in a bid to understand why young reality stars follow suit. Although Ulrika has had cosmetic surgery over the years, she believes she still looks her age, with her face telling a story.

My face has to reveal the story of my life.

Ulrika Jonsson

Ulrika voiced her opinion on a Love Island star’s recent Instagram post regarding the change of her face after stopping using filler.

“Except it is hard to know what it really was that nature gave them, what is it they really look like in the flesh and au naturel?” she penned in her latest column.

Ulrika believes it is now a “trend” to have filler and botox, as well as fake hair, false boobs and eyelashes.

While criticising young girls’ choices, Ulrika had to admit she has had “filler in my cheeks and some in my lips over the years”.

Speaking in her Sun column she said: “But I have always wanted to ‘look good for my age’ rather than ‘younger’.

“I have laughter lines and worry and anxiety lines. I have sun damage because I am a sun worshipper and have been willing to pay the price.

“My face has to reveal the story of my life and not be a naked pallet without extraordinary tales to tell. I am a woman of 54 and I think I look it.”

She revealed that although she has surgery she does not think it changes her appearance, with young girls “pursuit for perfection” saddening the star.

She believes this new route will breed “nothing but insecurity and unhappiness”, as girls try their best to find happiness within themselves in a social media dominated world.

Ulrika is very open about her life, and her insecurities in being a single mother at 54.

She recently admitted in her column that she no longer finds her maternal instincts are her “single ambition”.

Ulrika explained: “A single woman at 54 with nearly grown-up Ungratefuls.

“And for me, the very idea of contemplating more children does nothing but, quite frankly, repulse me and fill me with fear and loathing,” she added in The Sun.

Ulrika has four children, with her eldest aged 27 and her youngest son 13.

Her son Cameron was born in 1994 and she shares him with her former husband John Turnbull.

Ulrika also has a daughter called Bo, 21, with Markus Kempen.

She parents daughter Martha, 17, with Lance Gerrard-wright, who she met while filming a television show.

Malcolm is her youngest son who she shares with her ex-husband Brian Monet.

On her daughter Bo’s birthday, the star posted a heartfelt message, admitting she didn’t think her daughter would make it to this age.

This was after Bo was born with congenital heart disease at five months.

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