Wild Bear Hops in Driver Seat of Truck and Locks Door, Just Like a Human

Move over, Yogi … this bear’s way smarter than average, ’cause it not only opened a pickup truck door … but it got behind the wheel and locked the door!!!

This all went down in South Lake Tahoe where a father and daughter happened to be driving by when they spotted Bear-io Andretti casually hopping into the driver’s side of a pickup truck in someone’s driveway.

Check out the vid … they’re initially surprised to see the bear strolling, but their minds are blown when the bear walks up to the truck, opens the door, gets in and locks himself inside and apparently starts leaning on the horn.

They captioned the video, “When my dad and I drove up on a bear acting like a grown ass man.” As for how they got that “man” out of the truck? Well, they knocked on the homeowner’s door and alerted him to the bear-y unique situation.

Watch the vid to see how he handled it. We’ll just say, no bears were harmed in this video, but the dad’s heartrate definitely spiked.

Bears, man. They’re taking over 2020.

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