Yara Shahidi Explains How Her Family Influenced Her Philanthropic Values

Yara Shahidi looks stunning on the cover of Town & Country‘s summer issue, on stands May 14th.

Here’s what the 19-year-old actress and activist had to share with the mag:

On Instagram and displaying joy: “I can say, my friends look great today, let’s take a picture’ and be equally concerned with issues globally. There’s a power in just displaying joy.”

On activism without borders: “My love of history, or even being socially engaged, stems from having, firsthand, people to care about around the globe and at a young age expanding my community beyond these fake borders we put on each other.”

On philanthropy as a family value: “I remember when we first got an investment banker, he would meet with me and my brother at 10 and seven. I think from the time I got my first check, you said [her mother, Keri], ‘You have three jars: You have savings, you have spending, and you have donating. What do you want to put in each jar? So it’s already kind of infrastructurally set up – you get, and then you give some.”

Town & Country‘s new issue also features Ava DuVernay, Melinda Gates and Christine Lagarde.

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