A New Collab Customizes Garments Based on Your Online Behaviour

Fresh from showcasing its experimental Fall/Winter 2020 collection last week, Russian label KRAKATAU has revealed its collaboration alongside Moscow-based online security software company KASPERSKY.

According to recent KASPERSKY research, 37% of millennials think that they are too boring to be the victim of cybercrime. However, analysis of several Darknet markets by KASPERSKY experts shows that data can be valuable not only for us, but also for cybercriminals. Among the most prized and desired data sold on these markets are selfies that are shared with documents, such as passports or drivers’ licenses, medical records, credit card details and more.

Now the two brands want to talk about privacy and safety in a way that it can relate to fashion and simply explain how self-expression can remain both independent and protected.

The pair have made this collection customisable so consumers can show off their unique personality. By simply answering a few questions from a special chatbot about your online behavior and privacy habits, consumers will receive their very own unique print. Crafted from unique algorithms that analyze a user’s privacy concerns, the more a person is concerned about their privacy – the more complex or the more harmonious a print will be.

Arriving in the form of a long-down jacket, hoodies and sweatshirts, the collection is available to customise now via the KRAKATAU webstore.

In other news, Jil Sander and Arc’Teryx have announced they will be linking for a FW21 sportswear capsule.
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