After the Love Islanders row about plastic surgery, meet the women whose real boobs are often mistaken for fake ones

LOVE Island's Hugo felt he made a bit of a boob on Tuesday's show when fellow contestants tore into his throwaway comment about plastic surgery.

The P.E. teacher said he wasn't attracted to "fake" looks and ended up in tears in a very real row with Faye Winter and Sharon Gaffka, who have both had boob jobs.

Poor Hugo said on the ITV2 show that he hadn't meant to cause offence and fans have leapt to his defence.

But what would he make of these four beauties?

All of them have fantastic boobs – but they're completely natural.

Here, they talk about what it's like to be prodded and even trolled by people who can't accept they haven't had implants.

"People tell me to come clean about surgery"

Online fashion boutique owner, Apollonia Llewellyn, is regularly trolled on social media because people think her 32E boobs are fake. 

Apollonia, from Barnsley, south Yorks., says: “I get DMs on social media asking who my surgeon is. 

“As a size eight with big boobs, I get girls telling me I should come clean about surgery.

Haters get blocked!

“I’ve given up explaining they’re real and simply block the haters. 

“It took me a long time to love my breasts.

“They started growing at 13. By 14, I was teased for being a D cup. 

“I felt embarrassed so I would cover up in sweatshirts. 

“At 16, with mum’s help, I started modelling, which boosted my confidence. I started to realise my all-natural breasts are my best asset.

“They give me a unique look. 

“My mum’s got big breasts like me, it runs in the family. 

“Now I love showing off my figure in bikinis and tight-fitting outfits. 

“I’ve had women come up to me on the beach and poke my boobs to test if they are real. 

“At the same time, I would never judge someone for having a boob job. 

“You’ve got to love your own body and never let the trolls get you down.”

"I used to be as flat as Kate Moss"

Former arts student Aimee Whitton, 19, from Hartlepool, County Durham, is trolled by “mean girls” who are jealous of her 32E boobs

Aimee says: “Everyone has a body part they love. Mine are my breasts. 

“If you had asked me at 16, I never would have said that.

“I was Kate Moss skinny and totally flat-chested. 

“When I got teased for having no boobs, I would cry and mum would tell me not to worry.

“I might have been a late starter but in the past three years, I have gone from flat to fab.

“Old school mates are convinced I’ve had surgery.

“And when I’m on holiday in a vest top or bikini, people say my boobs are just too perfect to be real and ask what size implants I’ve had.

“When I tell them they are real, some ask to have a poke. 

“I was in Primark once and a group of girls were openly discussing my breasts.

The real deal

“One said loudly, ‘Could they be any more fake,’ before leading the others away.

“I just smiled. It was a mean girl moment – but they’d got it wrong! 

 “Don’t assume that just because someone has nice pert breasts, they are fake.

“Some of us are the real deal.”

"Girls beg me for my surgeon's number"

Student and part time bar worker Amy Heslop, 21, used to be bullied for her 34HH breasts, now she feels lucky and proud. 

Amy, from Manchester, says: “By the time I left school at 16, I was a 34F.

“All the other girls had pert and perfect boobs.

“At 5’5”, I don’t go unnoticed with my big breasts.

“They are part of who I am and my pride and joy. They make me feel sexy and confident.

“I love wearing low-cut tops, halter necks and bikinis.

Pride and joy

“If I want them to look bigger, I can wear an expensive £60 underwired bra to push them up.

“On days when I want them to be more discreet, a soft cup will flatten them a bit.

“I see girls working three jobs to save for expensive boob jobs and I know I am lucky.

“There are some downsides. 

“I have to wear a sports bra with extra support, and it’s hard finding super sexy lingerie in a HH cup.

“Some boyfriends have been jealous when other lads notice my boobs. 

“I’m always getting girls begging for my surgeon’s details.

“And there will always be trolls who tell me to own up to surgery.

“Sorry folks, they’re all natural.”

"I'm proud to be a curvy pioneer"

Filipino British mum-of-two Michelle Lopez, from Richmond, west London, adores her 38EE breasts because they give her curves and cleavage. 

She says: When I had my first baby at 21, I loved my ‘pregnancy boobs’ – and lucky for me, they stayed.

“Filipino girls tend to be petite with small boobs, so people assume my bigger bosom is from surgery.

“My mum is Filipino and my dad’s Scottish, so I must get my curves from his side of the family.

“I know I stand out and I’m proud to be voluptuous. 

“It used to bother me when people assumed my boobs were fake, but now I feel it’s my duty to educate people about mixed race body types. 

“I love having hips and curves and I always wear clothes that show off my shape. 

“My husband, Juan Lopez, 34 a singer, who I met through friends in 2003 loves my body and the way I happily put on a bikini or tight-fitting dress as a size 16. 

 As a mum to a 15-year-old daughter and five-year-old son it’s important to embrace your authentic self. 

“My breasts have given me the confidence to be the first Filipino woman to enter curvy pageant competitions in the UK.

“I’m a pioneer for other curvy mixed race women and that makes me proud.”

Additional reporting: Alley Einstein

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