Are You Ready for Amazon’s Personal Shopper to Dress You?

Being online today means to be inundated with the rapid-fire news cycle, scrolling rabbit holes, and an infinite amount of shopping choices. Should you, for instance, buy decor from Etsy or Craigslist? Seek inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram? Thankfully, there is the occasional light at the end of the digital tunnel, and Amazon’s new Personal Shopper wants to lead you to it.

Yesterday, Amazon launched Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe, a new kind of personal shopping experience fitting for the age of the Internet. Accessed through Amazon’s app on your smartphone, Personal Shopper sorts through more than half a million items already available on Prime Wardrobe for you. Participating brands include the likes of Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Rebecca Taylor, and Adidas.

To begin, you complete a survey about your different style preferences (from which patterns and prints you like to which sizes you wear). Afterward, Amazon’s fashion stylist curates a set of recommendations, personalized according to your inclinations. From this selection, you then choose up to eight items to have shipped to your home, and you have seven days to try the garments on. You pay only for the products you choose to keep, and anything you don’t want can be returned with the provided resealable box and prepaid label.

“The more each customer uses Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe, the more our stylists learn about what they love, making it easy to help them find new and exciting looks to try every month,” Amazon wrote on its blog.

This service, which costs $5 a month, is available exclusively to Amazon Prime members.


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