Bachelorette star Greg's fight with Katie Thurston was so 'scripted' it was like 'a play', claims body language expert

THE BACHELORETTE contestant Greg Grippo's fight with Katie Thurston was so "scripted" it was like "a play," a body language expert claimed to The Sun.

This past week, fans were left astounded when Greg walked out on Katie even after she "promised" him that it was going to be them in the end.

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In the emotional episode, Greg began to sob as he told Katie: “I had no idea I was going to fall in love with you but I did. 

“I have never been this vulnerable in my life with anyone. I won’t get down on one knee twice, it’s a one-deal thing for me and I know I won’t have any regrets at the end of this.”

However, Katie, who had made it a goal to not say she was in love with anyone until the last episode, remained quiet before she said: “I told your family our connection is so strong and I believe in us. You know how I feel about you though, right?”

Sadly, Greg had had enough at this point and ended things with Katie the next morning when he admitted it “scared the hell out of him” that she had “zero reaction” to his confession. 

Greg continued: “For you to stand in that hallway and tell me that I’m the one giving up on us hurt me so badly. I’ve never given up on us. There’s obviously a disconnect here. As much as it hurts me, I’ve reached my breaking point with this. I gave you everything.

“It was never about a rose, all I was asking for is Katie. I love everything about you and really saw you as my girl,” Greg assured her. “What does the rose mean at this point? What? That I’ll move on to the Fantasy Suites next week and make love to you and then you move on? 

“I just don’t think you get it. I don’t think so because I’m not a number here. Well, I’m not happy here anymore. I’m not. I’m done here,” Greg responded before storming off set – leaving Katie crying on the floor alone. 


Despite this scene being one of the most dramatic in recent seasons, fans and Judi James, body language expert, agreed that things seemed off with Greg.

Judi told The Sun: "It’s probably Greg’s words, drama, and style of delivery that would make people question whether he’s just acting in these scenes. His ‘script’ doesn’t fit the circumstances.

"It sounds more like an improv exercise between two actors playing a scene where the characters are ending a very long-term marriage, not a few dates on a TV competition. No wonder Katie seems to be at a loss for words as Greg’s don’t seem appropriate for the circumstances."

When talking about how Greg demanded that Katie reciprocate his feelings, Judi revealed: "Greg is acting as though they’re a normal, private couple and that she is keen to date other men by choice.

"His emotional outpourings sound way off her range but he just keeps bombarding her despite the fact that he is clearly not getting anything back.

"Phrases like ‘It pains me still…’ and ‘You filled a hole in my heart’ sound like lines from a play rather than modern sentiments and when he says ‘I’ve given you everything, I deserve more.' He sounds like they are wrangling over a long-term, invested relationship."


Looking specifically at his mannerism, Judi revealed that Greg is definitely being a character for the show.

"Greg’s body language in the tearful scene does look incongruent," she told The Sun.

"Despite opening up his heart, he keeps his right leg crossed high in a gesture normally associated with confidence and authority rather than vulnerability.

"He announces his feelings without pausing to check signals of reciprocation. This would be quite bold or even brave. Telling someone you love them usually involves several small steps or hints with lots of checking in between before proceeding as relationships can shatter if the other person is spooked by the strength of the emotion.

"It’s rare to just post it out there and then quit when it’s not yet reciprocated."

Judi further agreed with fans when she claimed that Greg "gaslighted" Katie.

"There are no signs of what can often be a ‘too soon with the love bomb’ reaction, which is often more about embarrassment than this," she told The Sun.

"People often laugh and apologize, even if they’re feeling publicly rejected but Greg seems to want to guilt-trip Katie with ‘I’ve never poured my heart out to somebody like this before’.


Despite being dramatic about his feelings, Judi admitted that Greg is not lying about actually being in love with Katie.

"When we have genuinely strong feelings for someone, even love, there is one important ‘tell’ that is almost impossible to act or pretend," she revealed.

"Pupil dilation occurs naturally as an emotional response. When Greg tells Katie he loves her his pupils are dilated as he looks at her, creating ‘the look of love’.

"In the scene when he breaks it off though, the opposite has occurred. This could suggest that, acting or not, his underlying emotions are genuine."


The Sun recently revealed that Greg is secretly an actor "looking for fame."

The Bachelorette contestant is supposedly a current marketing executive from New York, but Instagram gossip account Deuxmoi thinks otherwise, after posting a long list of accusations against him.

“He is not on the show for love, let alone Katie, and his appearance on this show is solely to promote and kick-start his acting career,” they wrote.

An insider also revealed to The Sun that “Greg is an actor” – which has “always been his passion.” 

“He is absolutely lying about his career and intentions on the show. He’s always wanted to pursue an on-camera career,” they said. 

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