Best home fitness equipment to exercise on a budget this summer

YOU might think getting a good workout requires shelling out money for a gym membership – but there are cheaper options out there.

Work up a sweat this summer with our selection of these handy fitness accessories for workouts you can do in your garden or at home.

To save a bit more cash we would advise you to buy fitness equipment that has multiple uses.

Some of the popular gadgets, like ab machines, only work one part of the body and can be expensive.

But other items, like a netball will allow you to do activities with friends, while a simple resistance band will work every muscle in your body.

Here's our selection of the best sports equipment from Reebok, JD Sports, Nike, Under Armour and Adidas.

  • Football Flick Urban Training Aid, £95, JD Sports – buy here

If you like football and you have a bit of cash to spend this is the accessory you'll need this summer.

Practice skills, ball control and technique or just have fun with this football flick training aid.

It allows single or multiple players to pass footballs to any surface and receive the ball back at different heights, speeds and angles, so you can easily enjoy it with friends.

Used in elite academies like Manchester City and Liverpool, it's also the perfect accessory if you have budding football stars in your family.

At £95, it's very pricy so we would only recommend it for true football fans.

  • Gilbert Netball Post, £95, JD Sports – buy here

This Netball Goal Post is perfect for those who want to practice netball in their gardens.

The base can be filled with water or sand and guarantees perfect stability.

The whole family can enjoy it as it has an adjustable height with three settings 8ft, 9ft and 10ft.

Finished with wheels, you can easily move it around your outdoor space.

Push up Grip

  • Push-Up Grip 3.0, £22.95, Nike – buy here

If you're after an accessory that will allow you to maintain your form without taking much space, this might be just what you're looking.

The push-up grip from Nike enhances your training beyond the no-equipment push-up

The foam handles and stable non-slip base aid your movement while its lightweight frame will allow you to work out where you want.

At less than £25, it's also one of the cheapest accessories on our round-up.

Resistance Tube

  • Resistance Tube, £10, Reebok – buy here

What's not to like about resistance tubes.

They are cheap, can be easily stored in a drawer and most importantly they can be used to work every muscle in the body.

This one from Reebok costs £10 and will help you target both the upper and lower body with a wide range of potential exercises.

Power Tube

  • Power Tube, £34.95, Reebok – buy here

If you could buy only one piece of fitness equipment, this should be it.

A little pricier than the previous model, it comes with three interchangeable level resistance bands.

These will give you endless exercise options for upper and lower body strengthening to enhance your workout/

Featuring comfortable foam grip handles, it will help you with strengthening multiple muscle groups at one time for an affordable price.

  • Basketball, £30, Under Armour – buy here

With its durable rubber cover for all surface play,  this basketball will entertain you for many summers to come.

This Stephen Curry player ball comes with a signature SC30 logo and weighs about 200g.

A great accessory if you're looking for something that the whole family can use and that will keep your kids outdoors for hours.

Essential Ad Board

  • Essential Ad Board, £80, Adidas – buy here

If you have a bit of money to spend this home training essential helps target core muscles with plenty of workout variations.

Te adidas Ab Board increases your range of motion, allowing you to fully extend your movement and maximise muscle stress.

Featuring adjustable foam rollers and a comfortable foam back pad, it can be adjusted to match your ability and height.

For a full body work out you can buy a few additional dumbbells, create your own circuit and basically have your own gym at home.


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