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PEEVED pets are  ruining their owners’ sex lives by becoming jealous if they try to get jiggy.

More than half of couples say they have been hounded in the bedroom by a furry friend.

And one in 15 say their mutt’s behaviour is having a serious impact on their relationship.

The survey found a third of couples  avoid making love in case it upsets their pets.

Meanwhile, a quarter admitted using their dog as an excuse to turn down sex. 

And the study  by food brand Burns Pet Nutrition also revealed half of  singletons would end a new relationship if their dog did not like a prospective partner.


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John Burns, founder of the family business in South Wales, said: “It is obvious that our pets can get somewhat jealous of intimacy between partners.

"It is a natural response, especially when it is a new partner on the scene.

“However, there are steps that can be taken to avoid this, such as reassuring the pet that all is well. 

“But, if they are being overly demanding you can take away this attention and reinforce better behaviour like heading to bed.”

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