Boy’s spelling homework sparks family drama after he rates who’s beautiful – and who isn’t

A MUM was left shocked after her nine-year-old son brutally rated his family on how beautiful they were – and she didn’t rank highly. 

Chelsea Owens shared a photo of Noah’s spelling homework where he wrote that his sister is the “prettiest girl he’s laid eyes on.”

While little Ada, three, may have been given glowing praise, Chelsea didn’t fare as well.

Noah wrote about her: “My mum is not beautiful.”

Chelsea saw the funny side of the situation, and uploaded the screenshots to Facebook to give other mums a chuckle. 

She wrote on the group Lockdown Tips & Ideas: “Spelling Homework- Should I be proud of my 9 year old son for writing something so lovely about his little sister.. or should I be kicking him out for what he said about me???”

Many mums saw the funny side in the post, and it has racked up over 1,000 likes. 

One said: “Kids are brutal lool.”

Another added: “Wow he’s got a lot to learn!” 

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