Bride savaged for expletive-ridden wedding invite – which tells parents to 'leave the little s***s at home'

A BRIDE has been slammed for sending out an expletive-ridden wedding invite to guests. 

The invite was so “rude” that one of the bridal party’s cousins refused to attend when they received it. 

The wedding invite said: "S*** you need to know," and gave information about the food, children and taxis.

It stated: "Dietary requirements: eat what you're given, you fat f***s. Dress code: Wear whatever the f*** you want. Go butt f*** naked for all we care.

"Children: Leave your little s*** at home. We want to get f***ed up. (We will turn you away). Hotels: Google it you lazy f***.

"Taxis: See above. Parking: Follow the f***ing directions we gave you dumba**. Questions: Check the f***ing website."

The only polite part of the invite turned out to be the section regarding wedding presents.

It said: "Wedding gifts: If you wanted to give us a wedding gift, a contribution to our honeymoon would be perfect".

A photo of the invite was shared on Reddit by user @ScaredNapkin, who said: "My cousin sent this along with her wedding invitations… I will not be in attendance.”

Many people were quick to give their views on the invite, with one saying: “That's one aggressive invitation.”


Another added: "So much cringe. Trying far too hard to be cool."

However, one was a fan, and said: “I don't hate it. It wouldn't stop me from attending. I would have higher hopes for an open bar.”

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