Bride’s VERY poofy lace wedding dress is cruelly compared to a ‘toilet roll cover’ – The Sun

A LARGER-than-life wedding dress complete with frills and flowers has been compared to a toilet roll holder.

Images of a bride’s poofy gown have gone viral after she shared photos of them on Facebook, as she tried to sell her unique dress.

Sharing snaps of her big day, the dress is covered in pink and white flowers, layers and layers of lace, frills, with an off-the-shoulder design and a long train.

Sparkling rhinestones cover the voluminous skirt, but the most unique aspect is the back of the dress, which held together by strings of pearls.

The bride finished off her wedding day look with a giant bouquet to match the dress.

Photos of the frock ended up on Facebook group That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming, where someone posted: “Guessing you can’t sit down in a dress like this!

“Found on local marketplace for sale.”

Nearly 1,000 people have commented on the gown, with dozens of people comparing her look to a toilet roll holder, and something from the French Revolution.

One person said: “I refuse to accept this is real the only place anything like this exists is on top of a toilet roll holder.”

Another wrote: “Did she have a Marie Antoinette themed wedding?”

A third said: “She looks like one of those toilet roll holders your grandma used to have.”

This person commented: “Maybe I’m trash, but I preferred to do things like sit and pee without undressing in my wedding dress.”

Someone else added: “Omg it’s a wedding dress / cake in one!”

Meanwhile one woman was horrified after her mum planned on wearing the same dress as her bridesmaids. 

And this bride is dividing opinion with her low-cut wedding dress, with some branding it ‘inappropriate’.

Plus this glittery, plunging dress a mother-of-the-bride planned to wear to a wedding was slammed as ‘too revealing’.

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