Can’t lose weight? Dietitian’s foolproof brain ‘hack’ tricks it into thinking you’re full

LOSING weight can be tough and if you're on a diet it might feel as though you're never full enough.

But if you're struggling to get that full feeling then it might be down to the plates and bowls you're using.

One dietitian has revealed her foolproof brain hack which tricks you into thinking you have eaten more than you have actually consumed.

Rebecca Gawthorne posted the handy trick to her Instagram page and her band of over 150,000 followers said this is a "great way to cheat your mind".

She posted a handy video showing how a smaller plate can make it look as though you actually have a bigger portion.

This she says, is great if you struggle to keep a balance when it comes to portion control.

Posting on the social media site she said: "If you struggle with portion control or eating too much, try this simple hack – serve your meals on smaller plates and bowls."

She then posted a video of two bowls which both had the same amount of food in them, the only difference being that one bowl was smaller than the other.

Rebecca added: "When you use smaller bowls & plates like this, you unconsciously serve yourself smaller portions and eat less.

"But you feel just as full and satisfied as your brain perceives the smaller bowl to have more food in it as it looks full.

"I still recommend listening to your body’s hunger and fullness signals when using this hack, but it’s a great place to start."

By using a smaller bowl or plate you are immediately cutting down on your portion and in turn cutting out calories as you eat less food.

Rebecca also added how it's possible to still get the right amount of veggies, protein and carbs when using smaller plates and bowls.

She said half the plate should be taken up by vegetables.

"Add 1/4 plate protein – about the size of your palm. Then add 1/4 plate slow burning carbs – about the size of your clenched fist."

Slow burning carbs are ingredients such as brown rice.

She said you should then finish the dish with one or two tablespoons of healthy fats – which can include foods like avocados.

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