Cleaner faced with cooker thick with caked-on grime even Oven Pride didn’t work on gets it spotless with TIN FOIL

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has been called everything from a "magician" to a "legend" after she managed to get a filthy oven sparkling again. 

Lisamarie Brooke-Green turned up to a client’s house only to be greeted with one of the worst cookers she’d ever seen in her career. 

The oven was covered in thick, baked-on grime, which Lisamarie was unable to shift using her go-to product, Oven Pride. 

She racked her brains and used all her cleaning hacks to get the oven gleaming again, and people reckon it looks like a brand new cooker. 

Explaining exactly how she removed the grime, Lisamarie told Fabulous Digital: “It's one of if not the worst I've ever done.

“It took about 2 and a half hours to get it completed.

“To clean it I used a scraper for the bottom to remove the built up grease and grime.

“Then get roughly an A4 sized piece of tin foil and scrunch it into a ball. 

“I added fairy liquid to the bottom of the oven for lubricant, and just rub.” 

Lisamarie shared her handiwork to Facebook group Cleaning Tips & Tricks, where she said:Worst one I've done in a while! Good ole scraper and some tin foil.

“Oven Pride did nothing and I usually swear by it.”

Hundreds of people have liked and commented on the oven, calling her a ‘magician’. 

One person said: “You deserve the Academy Award in oven cleaning… It looks amazing!!!”

Another raved: “You have done great! Amazing!”

A third commented: “You are an actual magician.”

This person admitted: “Wow I would have just thrown the oven out. I’m considering throwing mine out. I hate this job the most. Great job.”

While someone else added: “Are you like a magician or fairy with a wand? I can't believe it's the same oven.”

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