Cleaning fanatic shows how she folds T-shirts into 'pockets' which take up half the space & never get messed up

A CLEANING fanatic has shown how she folds her T-shirts into "pockets", which take up half the space and never get messed up.

Posting on her Instagram page Mrs D's Cleaning Reviews, the expert, from Chorley, Lancs, said she was "blown away" with requests for how to tidy away tees.

With most of us currently living in loungewear thanks to lockdown, the advice is sure to come in handy.

She explains: "Last week I made a video on how I was organising my wardrobe and I mentioned in the video, if anybody wanted to see how I fold T-shirts and various other things up to let me know in the comments.

"I was blown away with all the requests I was getting, so thank you very much."

Showing her technique on a Friends top, she explains: "T-shirts are a bit of a nightmare when they're in a drawer.

"You just fold them up like normal, pop them in a drawer but when you're rummaging around in a drawer they end up like that (shows messy T-shirt).

"But with this technique you're going to make sure they stay how they are, when they are in the drawer."

To make a T-shirt pocket, start with the logo facing up and fold a "little lip" over from the bottom.

Then flip the top over, flatten it out, fold it into the middle, right up to the collar, and do the same on the other side.

Mrs D adds: "As you can see, on a T-shirt, you've got the arms which are going to be over, so you want to fold that over just so you're meeting the edge of the T-shirt.

"Then you want to twist it around and make these rectangles. You can fold it, fold it again, and then you have that pocket.

"You're going to put your hand on top of that pocket and turn it inside out and press it in where you need to into the corners, just to make it as flat as you can.

"And there you have it, when you have your T-shirt pocket, that's so much better to go in there drawers and stack it."

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