Cleaning mad woman reveals you're using your washing machine all wrong & it’s why your clothes are still smelling

IF YOUR clothes don't seem to be coming out of the washing machine as fresh as usual, you could be making a simple mistake.

A mum has revealed a number of tips to ensure you're doing your laundry in the most effective way.

The Australia-based woman, called Leanne, shared on Instagram how she had found some really useful advice from reading the instruction manual of her machine.

Of one lesser-known hack, she revealed: "If your machine or washing smells, it maybe an indicator that you are not using enough washing powder."

It also told the mum that she should be cleaning the drum every hundred washes.

In an accompanying video, she demonstrated how to best to give your machine a freshening up.

Thanks for reminder! So guilty!

First, Leanne showed how you need to wipe over the drum and seals with a cloth and light spray of surface cleaner.

Next, she wiped over the entire exterior of the machine – including the door.

Then, the mum rinsed out the soap dispenser drawer, before adding two scoops of washing powder.

She finished the cleaning process by putting put the machine on for an empty cycle.


Her post was popular with social media users who left more than 290 'likes'.

One person commented: "It’s surprising how gunky the washing machine gets!"

Another wrote: "Thanks for reminder! So guilty!"

A third shared: "Love these tips!"

And a fourth added: "So useful! Not that many people know this!"

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