Coach Just Quietly Put 100 of Its Best-Selling Items on Sale for Less Than $200

Coach has recently been doing the most after being quiet for a couple of months. To be fair, Barbra Streisand’s face on a sweatshirt is pretty hard to follow up. But with Jenny From the Block designing her own bag and Coach’s most recent collection featuring artwork by Jean-Michel Basquiat, the brand has once again channeled a very New York energy, just without an EGOT recipient this time. And it’s not stopping there.

We expect Coach to round out the year with Jennifer Lopez wearing a ton of its pieces and an incredible sale, like it almost always does. And while this year’s biggest Coach sale is surely yet to come, the brand has quietly added 100 best-selling items to a secret under-$200 sale.

It happened so quietly even I, a shopping writer, didn’t know about it until I was browsing the site trying to find the cardigan Lopez was recently spotted in (typical). And even if you weren’t expecting it, you better seek it out — with plenty of deals on bags, shoes, wallets, and clothing available to shop, the sale does not disappoint.

Finally want that large Central Tote that fits everything? It’s now under $200! What about those sleek over-the-knee Evelyn boots that were all over Instagram? They’re now under $200! And if you were thinking about buying some cute zip-around Coach wallets as holiday presents this year, you guessed it: They’re all now under $200.

Even if the sale section is devoid of Barbra Streisand this year (her face literally sold out instantly), I’m not going to miss this event. I need some Coach back in my life, and thankfully, that isn’t all that hard on my budget right now.

Shop the best under-$200 Coach deals from its latest sale below.

Best Coach Bag Deals 

  • Central Tote With Zip, $177 (Originally $295)
  • Hutton Clutch in Colorblock, $150 (Originally $250)
  • Riley Convertible Belt Bag in Colorblock Signature Canvas, $175 (Originally $250)
  • Hutton Belt Bag in Colorblock, $175 (Originally $250)
  • Weaved Bag Strap, $90 (Originally $150)

Best Coach Wallet Deals 

  • Soft Trifold Wallet, $105 (Originally $150)
  • Small Zip Around Wallet, $70 (Originally $99)
  • Hutton Wallet in Neutral Colorblock, $137 (Originally $195)
  • Small Zip Around Wallet in Signature Leather, $70 (Originally $99)
  • Small Snap Wallet, $88 (Originally $125)

Best Coach Shoe Deals 

  • Paisley Bootie, $175 (Originally $250)
  • Evelyn Boot, $148 (Originally $295)
  • Citysole Court Sneaker, $105 (Originally $150)
  • Helena Shearling Loafer, $75 (Originally $150)
  • Serena Sandal, $105 (Originally $150)

Best Coach Clothing Deals 

  • Belted Shorts, $177 (Originally $295)
  • Chambray Shirt, $177 (Originally $295)
  • Polo Sweater, $100 (Originally $250)
  • Stripe Tiered Skirt, $158 (Originally $395)
  • Print Wrap Skirt, $158 (Originally $395)

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