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With more and more young people turning to astrology, there's never been a better time to look to the stars for guidance on everything from love and relationships to finance, health and even where to get a tattoo.

Astrology has been around in various forms for thousands of years, but now horoscope meme machines are amassing more interest than ever.

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  • John Hall


    Tarot card readings are usually done by someone’s “spirit guide”. This may sound a bit whacko, but just think of them like a guardian angel.

    The cards that are chosen in the reading such as the King of Pentacles or Nine of Cups are messages that your spirit guide is trying to tell you.

    For example, the King of Pentacles may suggest a man of high ambition and worldly success is coming into your lives. Fingers crossed!

    An oracle deck on the other hand is a pack of cards with images or words that can be used to make you feel brighter, give you guidance or simply tap into your inner power.

  • John Hall


    The biggest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, entered Aquarius on December 19, 2020 where it will stay until May 13, 2021 before continuing its journey from July 28-December 28, 2021.

    Happily for us, Jupiter encourages growth and good fortune. It illuminates anything it's close to so when the planet enters open-minded air sign Aquarius, basically the blinkers come off and we can see clearly again.

    Offering a healthy dose of truth juice, it can help figure out where we belong in our community, clearing up any feelings of fogginess.

  • John Hall


    THE largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, enters dreamy Pisces on May 13 this year and then again on December 29.

    According to Tarot.com, we will receive the biggest revelations about our life's purpose during Jupiter's transit through Pisces by looking into our souls.

    This may all sound a bit deep, but basically we just need to sit and ask ourselves whether the life we have is the one we want and if it's not, how can we change it.

    The fact Jupiter re-enters Pisces just before the start of the new year is no coincidence. It's the ultimate time for a soul revolution.

  • John Hall


    Aquarius is more faithful but can be tempted

    Extrovert Aquarius is not known for its unfaithfulness, however if they suddenly meet someone who likes all the weird and wonderful things they're into, they may stray.

    A sucker for connecting to someone on a 'spiritual' level, according to the survey, 10% of Aquarians admitted to cheating on their boo.

  • John Hall


    Sagittarius are likely to have their head turned

    Free-spirited Sagittarius is likely to have their head turned while they're planning their next exotic vacay.

    The survey revealed 23% of them had cheated or come close to cheating on their partner.

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, Sagittarius.

  • John Hall


    Leos are the most likely sign to cheat

    We all know Leo loves the limelight and if you're not giving enough of it to them, be prepared for them to stray with a swish of their mane.

    The survey said 36% of the fire sign admitted to doing the dirty on their partner. Bad lion.

  • John Hall


    Flirtatious Geminis may be tempted to stray

    Nearly 31% of Geminis have admitted to cheating on their partner, according to edubirde's survey.

    This sign is such a social butterfly they have the tendency to get bored easily and flutter flirtatiously into other people's gardens.

  • John Hall


    Aries is among the star signs most likely to cheat

    According to the survey, 34% of Aries have admitted to cheating on their significant other.

    Headstrong and impatient, the ram wants it all now – and we mean all. This fire sign is wilfully uninhibited and unlikely to think of the consequences.

  • John Hall


    Scorpio will often find themselves in the right place at the right time

    Magnanimous Scorpio has definitely got it going on when it comes to luck.

    They’ll often find themselves in the right place at the right time as if by magic, much to the annoyance of some less fortunate souls.

    They do need to make sure they don't take their good fortune for granted though. There's nothing sexier than a humble Scorpio. We can't say we've met that many of those though.

  • John Hall


    It's no coincidence that planner extraordinaire is one of the luckiest signs of the zodiac.

    Their MI5-level attention to detail and incredible work ethic may make it seem as if things just fall in their lap.

    Take our word for it – they don't. Virgos only become successful because they put in the hours and werk, girl.

    We could all learn a thing or two from this sign when it comes to time management.

  • John Hall


    Oh, Leo we knew you'd be one of the lucky ones. You always look good, have a string of admirers and just tend to always be prowling on the bright side of the street.

    This can cause envy in your circle though and while it might seem like you have it all, we know that it can sometimes get lonely on that throne all by yourself.

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