Dentists slam horror TikTok trend which sees people grinding down their teeth with NAIL files

TIKTOK users have been warned against a worrying beauty trend which sees people using nail files to grind down their teeth in an attempt to make them appear more even.

Videos have been shared across the platform showcasing various attempts at the DIY method,but experts have slammed the trend insisting it could cause permanent damage to the tooth structure.

What's more, users trying it themselves could end up needing 'expensive and extensive' treatment in an attempt to reverse any damage caused.

Some dentists and dental hygiene specialists using the app are creating their own clips discouraging users from filing their own teeth.

Iman Sayed, a dental hygienist who regularly shares tips online, warned people should NOT consider doing this and says damage could be irreversible.

In a clip debunking the trend, she said: "Our teeth are made up oflayers. If you destroy your enamel by filing down your teeth you will never get it back.

"You may end up with extreme tooth sensitivity or even cause enough damage to kill the tooth. A dead tooth needs extensive and expensive treatment if you want to keep it

And concluded: "Don't consider doing this, seriously."

Many clips showing people filing their teeth have had millions of views, but Iman isn't the only expert warning against the dangerous trend.

Sunny Sihra, lead dentist and owner of the Simply Teeth Clinic, echoed Iman's concerns and told "Filing down your teeth using a nail file is incredibly damaging and could cause permanent damage to the tooth structure as well as the enamel around the edge of the tooth.

"You cannot regrow tooth enamel, so the damage is irreversible. Any cosmetic contouring should only be done by a professional with appropriate sterilised instruments."

He also added that filing your teeth so they're the same length prevents your teeth from 'remaining strong and healthy for longer' and that you could very well end up with teeth troubles later on.

Dentist Kailesh Solanki, advisor to, agrees that while it might seem like a quick fix, and easy enough to do yourself, it will undoubtedly cause problems later on – if not straight away.

"Filing, if not carried out professionally by a dentist, could easily crack the teeth and even leave roots exposed to infection which could not only be very painful but may ultimately result in bone loss and the need for extensive dentistry work," Dr Kailesh Solanki said.

"People filing down their teeth, as seen on TikTok, run the risk of damaging healthy tooth tissue or enamel, potentially causing issues such as sensitivity or pain."

Adding that treatment might involve cosmetic dentistry or needing to have teeth filled, rebuilt or having crowns fitted.

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