Easy mascara trick makes your lashes look just like falsies – but you'll need to get messy

HAVE you ever wondered how women get full looking lashes without reaching for the falsies?

Well one TikTok user has revealed their secret trick – but you’ll need to get seriously messy.

User Caitlyn shared a video of her technique which leaves her lashes looking long and full.

In the video she can be seen piling on her mascara, paying no attention to keeping the wand away from her eyelid.

In doing so she is able to apply as much of the product to as much of her eyelashes as possible meaning that they reach extreme lengths.

The downside is that she is left with black gunk all over her eyelids after applying it, but she has a trick for removing it.

Speaking in the video she says: “I cannot be the only psycho in the world that does this.

“I know it’s crazy but my lashes do not look the same if I do not do this and get my mascara all over my eyelid.

“Yes I know this is not conventional, and yes all my friends and all my friends make fun of me for it

“Now that I have mascara all over my eyelids I will go with Q-tips and take it off

“Look at my lashes now. I can’t get that without doing the whole process.”

It is worth saying that if you do want to try the trick do it BEFORE you apply any eyeshadow.

Her video has since gone viral receiving over 900,000 likes and thousands of comments, with many agreeing they do the same.

One wrote: “YES!!! Finally someone said it!!!! Everyone compliments my lashes and how long they are and I SWEAR it’s because I do this!!!”



Meanwhile others recommended placing a card behind your lashes to prevent it getting on your lids.

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