Eftychia RTW Fall 2021

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Up-and-coming designer Eftychia Karamolegkou has been quickly building a name for her sharp, men’s-wear-inspired tailoring. But during a year of change and emotional struggle, the Greek-born designer was ready to see “the Eftychia woman with new clarity and in a new light.”

This longing to start fresh translated into slimmer suiting; loose shirts that wrap around the body; and a series of more traditionally feminine garments like pencil skirts, a soft, cocooning cape, or a little black dress that can be worn over trousers. It was a softer, more sensual take on tailoring — yet just as desirable as the more expansive, mannish silhouettes the designer first became known for.

Elsewhere, Karamolegkou got a bit more experimental with fabric and silhouette and showed just how skilled of a tailor she is, with some striking bronze shearling jackets or outerwear featuring layered lapels to give the illusion of two coats being worn at once.

Eftychia RTW Fall 2021

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Her experience of designing in isolation and seeking change was channeled into a short film dubbed “Life Before Birth” and zooming into mundane, domestic moments: An egg cracking, a mirror breaking, the light reflecting off a mirror. “Sometimes things must be broken to come back together,” the designer mused.

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